Diabetic Foods - Welcome to the first day of a new stage of your life!

Diabetic Foods: It is true, did not you have diabetes, but you can choose to be a pretext for becoming a healthier person, full and energetic. Think about your diagnosis of diabetes as a warning that the body sends you to pay more attention to health. How? With Diabetic Foods. In addition to following a routine exercise, managing stress and sleep well, you eat healthy, nutritious and balanced.
Eating well & eating diabetic foods is a key factor in maintaining health and improving quality of life of any person. Eat well wherever you are and you will await results.

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Diabetic Foods: A Good Alimentation means a Good Health

Here are a few basic tips to start with:

Food is a crucial element in the fight against diabetes

You do not have your life radically to transform, nor overnight. Just as walking 10 minutes a day is a good start, gradually incorporating certain foods into your diet will be also.

Adopting new eating habits

The ideas, suggestions and advice contained in this page about diabetic foods will make this task easier. They are designed so that you can apply wherever you are, either inside your home or outside it, and virtually every one of the activities of your life.

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Check your blood glucose levels

You will know how your body reacts to foods oonsumes, so as to administer the medications you and you do physical activities.

Keep the calories under control

To this you add to your diet fruits and whole grains vegatales, eat less red meat, ice cream and cookies, and watch the portion sizes. Excess body fat is the most important factor in the development of diabetes, and weight loss is a priority to control the disease.

Consume carbohydrates wisely

That is, choose foods based on grains (like wheat bread) and reduces those prepared with white flour (white bread) and other refined grains (like white rice). It also consumes less food made with highly processed grains (like whole wheat bread that looks the white bread) and decreased consumption of foods rich in starch (like potatoes), soft drinks and other sugary drinks.

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